Best Price Guarantee

At Club Shopex we understand how expensive it is to keep up with the ever-developing needs of your children, which is why we offer our shoppers a best price guarantee. If you find any of our products in the GCC for cheaper, we’ll match that price to offer you the best possible deal every time.

If you're wondering how we do this – it’s simple - we cut the costs of warehousing and store-fronts by buying all our products direct from manufacturers and suppliers, then ship them straight to you, without any hidden costs or huge markups. Our job is to get you the widest range of leading products at the best prices in the GCC – at all times.  And if we’re not doing our job right, please let us know.

So now we’ve let you in on our secret, you can enjoy shopping on Club Shopex safe in the knowledge that you'll get leading brands at the best prices in the region - every time.