How to use Club Shopex

Welcome to Club Shopex! We're here to make sure the transition from offline to online shopping is smoother than you’d ever imagined.  Just follow these simple steps and you won’t miss out on any of our exclusive features, special offers or hot community topics.

  1. Register at Club Shopex. Registration allows you to browse Club Shopex, make orders and contribute to the community section. Also registration will keep you informed of our weekly Hot Deals and special offers exclusive to Club Shopex customers.
  2. Start shopping! Use the category bar at the top of the page to browse the full range of products in each category. Just click on the category you want, and browse through the subcategories to find exactly what you need! You can also type a search term into the search box on top (but beware of your spelling - if spelt wrong you might not find what you're looking for). You can search for a product by brand name, title or product type.
  3. Find your favourite brand!  Just click on BRANDS in the home page and have a look through all our brands. Click on the one you want and we'll take you straight to our full product range for that brand.
  4. Make informed decisions! To compare products, just click the ‘Add to compare’ icon below each product and once they’re listed together, click ‘compare’. A new window will appear that will allow you compare your selected products by description, price, weight, brand, size and colour.
  5. Make sure you remember exactly what you and your little ones wish for! Click ‘Add to Wish list’ underneath the product and we’ll add it straight to your Wish List. You can add comments to remind yourself about which products you like and when you plan to buy them.  
  6. If there’s something you can’t find, scroll down the left hand side of any Club Shopex page and click on the ‘Request a Product’ box. We'll do our best to source the product that you want and let you know when it’s ready to order.
  7. Relax and wait. Our customer service team (all mums, by the way) will ensure you get your delivery as quickly as possible and will keep you informed every step of the way.
  8. Need more help? You can contact us by clicking here or submit your question or topic on our Live Chat forum and see what others have to say!
  9. So happy shopping!!